Orlando Clay Fandango 2023

Registration link will be emailed. To request the registration link send an email to zevacat@gmail.com

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Prices will increase $25.00 on January 31, 2023 for all late registration!

Please note there is a 16.00 Online Processing Fee that will be added to the order to expedite the order. A non-expedited option is available by printing the registration forms and mailing the payment.
660.00 Lodging and Meals included. Single Occupancy
4 nights. Arriving Wednesday
560.00 Lodging and Meals included. Double Occupancy
4 nights. Arriving Wednesday
371.00 Lodging and Meals included. Extra Person no retreat
4 nights. Arriving Wednesday
749.00 Lodging and meals included. Single Occupancy
5 nights. Arriving Tuesday
624.00 Lodging and meals included. Double Occupancy
5 nights. Arriving Tuesday
435.00 Lodging and meals included. Extra Person, no retreat.
5 nights. Arriving Tuesday

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Do you need a Handicapped Room?(Handicapped Rooms are very limited. The only difference is the shower combo, so if you can step over a garden tub then you don't need a handicapped room. For specific issues email me at zevacat@gmail.com)
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Golf Cart?(cost approx. $146 for weekend. This cost is not included in registration. A separate check has to be paid to Lake Yale)
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  • Each attendee is responsible for sending payment(s) in on time.
  • Last day to cancel with full refund less $25 processing fee is December 15
  • There is an online processing fee that will be added to the final total. This fee is to expedite your order. All registrations are processed in the order received. There is a limited number of spaces available. There are no refunds of the expedited processing fee. To use the non-expedited service, print the registration form and mail the payment to us, again all registration will be process in the order received.
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